Wednesday, December 17, 2014

US Food and Drug Administration Issue a Warning Against Unnecessary Ultrasounds

Unnecessary Ultrasounds, Ultrasound safe, Ultrasound unsafe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to pregnant moms to stay away from 3D "keepsake ultrasounds" that don't have any medical purpose.

On Tuesday, December 16 the FDA announced their revised consumer update that states that the department "strongly discourages" ultrasound imaging for the purpose of just viewing what the fetus looks like with no medical reasons at all.

"While FDA recognizes that fetal imaging can promote bonding between the parents and the unborn baby, such opportunities are routinely provided during prenatal care," FDA added.

Experts said that there are no evidence that ultrasounds cause harm to unborn babies and moms, however they can cause light heating of human tissue that may produce very small bubbles (cavitation) in some tissues.

Doctors have no findings yet on the long-term effects of these small bubbles or cavitation, which is why the FDA issued a recommendation that ultrasound scans be done only when needed medically and by trained operators. FDA also said that  Doppler ultrasound heartbeat monitors should be used only by professionals.

The agency don't like the idea of the current fad of businesses who do fetal keepsake videos and exposed the fetus to up to an hour of ultrasound to create 3D/4D images.

Here is the FDA consumer update:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

McDonald's McNugget Ingredients

McDonald's McNugget, chicken McNugget, chicken, McDonalds

So it's not the gooey pink slime after all... McDonald’s released a video on how McNuggets are made and its ingredients. The video shows how McNuggets are made in Tyson plant located in Tennessee, they revealed what is really behind this world famous golden brown deep-fried chicken goodness.
McDonald's McNugget, chicken McNugget, chicken, McDonalds
They debunk the notion that McDonald's McNugget are made from pink slime, and they said that there are no bones, beaks or feet in their McNuggets. The meat comes from chicken breasts, thighs and other parts of the chicken that people do eat.

McDonald's McNugget Ingredients:

Chicken Meat

Marinade Ingredients:

Adds moisture 
- Water
- Sodium Phosphates
- Food Starch-modified

Enhance Flavor
- Salt
- Natural Flavoring
- Wheat Starch
- Dextrose
- Citric Acid
- Autolyzed yeast extract

Preserves freshness
- Rosemary Extract
- Safflower Oil

Check the video below:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Healthy Eats: Pseudograins are Good for you

Pseudograins, Paleo diet, diet, health

We eat grains a lot, grains are food that are derived from rice, wheat, cornmeal, oats, etc. Grain products are pasta, bread, oatmeal, breakfast cereals, tortillas, and grits. The problem with grains and grain products is that it contains toxic anti-nutrients and inflammatory proteins just like gluten. It also has a high carbohydrate content that is unhealthy if consumed excessively. It may lead to type II diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

It is important to eat less grains, you can substitute it with Pseudograins. Pseudograins are seeds and grasses that looks like grains. They are high in protein, fiber, and also gluten-free. Pseudograins has low-glycemic carbohydrates. Examples of pseudograins are quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, wild rice, and teff.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Eat Low Glycemic Food and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Eat Low Glycemic Food and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, diabetes, low GI diet

World Health Organization said that there is an emerging global epidemic of diabetes due to rapid increases of overweight and obese people and because of physical inactivity. WHO also said that deaths that is caused by diabetes are expected to increase by more than 50% in the next 10 years. Most notably, they are projected to increase by over 80% in upper-middle income countries like the US and Europe.

Type 1 diabetes is descibe as a lack of insulin production, while type 2 diabetes is caused by the body's ineffective use of insulin. Type 2 diabetes is much more common than type 1 diabetes, and accounts for around 90% of all diabetes worldwide. Type 1 diabetes cannot be revesed it is from the genes, while Type 2 diabetes can be prevented and it is caused by lifestyle. Sugary drinks, sweet food, red meat, fatty foods, processed sugars, a diet high in refined carbohydrates, physical inactivity, and poor weight management will lead to Type 2 diabetes.

You don't need to avoid all carbs, you can manage your diet properly. Eating high fiber low-glycemic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes will decelerate the release of sugar into your bloodstream. This will help you slow down the glycemic response and help you prevent developing Type 2 diabetes.

Meat can raise blood sugar levels, which is why vegetable diet is the best choice but if you are having a hard time not eating meat then eat white meat fish or chicken (without skin) the size of a matchbox and crowd it with greens like kale, Swiss chard, spinach, romaine, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Artichokes, Celery etc.

Sample menu for low GI diet (~1500kcal)

Breakfast 7:00 AM - 3 slices of whole grain bread, baked beans, Coffee or tea with 1/2 cup low-fat milk and 1 tsp sugar,

Morning Snack  - medium size 1 peice apple

Lunch 12:30 PM - 1 and 1/2 cup noodles, chicken/fish (1 match box size), medium egg,  1 cup green vegetables salad, one Orange.

Afternoon snack 4:00 PM - 3 oatmeal biscuits or high calcium cream crackers, 1 personal size Low-fat yoghurt

Dinner 8:00 PM - 1 cup Brown Rice, baked chicken/fish 1 piece (matchbox size). Or, 1 cup spaghetti with meat sauce. 1 cup salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, chick peas, peas, beans and lemon juice).

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fat Woman Compiles a Series of Photos of Strangers Sneering at Her

Overweight woman compiles a series of pictures of strangers sneering at her for being overweight. Haley Morris-Cafiero, of Memphis, Tennessee has been struggling with undiagnosed eating disorders and hypothyroidism, which causes a lot of health problems, that includes obesity.

She has set up a Kickstarter page to fund her book series "The Watchers", she wanted to share and make people aware about what it is like to feel judged for her appearance on a daily basis.

She said it all started back in 2010 when she set up a camera to take a self-portrait in the middle of Times Squares in New York City. When she developed the film she was surprised to see a man behind her sneering at her.   

“I never thought that I would capture a glance that can last a microsecond,” she said. Since then, she has been setting up a camera in public to see the looks of strangers while she goes on with her life doing ordinary stuff.

Fat Woman Compiles photo of strangers, overweight

Thursday, November 13, 2014

McDonald’s Big Mac Hidden Cost

McDonald’s has been in business since 1937, and now it has a store across the globe. Their Big Mac is available in their menu everywhere in the world, but do you know what you're eating? Big Mac is composed of double beef patties topped with their signature sauce, American cheese, pale lettuce, diced onions, vinegary pickles, and white sesame buns. The McDonald’s trademark burger has 550 calories and 10 grams of saturated fat that is about 51% of your daily recommended allowance no wonder a lot of people are fat and unhealthy.

Big Mac burger - 540 calories, 29 grams of fat, and 1,040 milligrams of sodium. If you eat a single Big Mac it will be 28% of your daily recommended calories, 45% of total fat, and 43% of sodium. Eating this burger daily for a year on top of your regular daily diet you will gain an additional 197,100 calories or 56 pounds of body weight.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Keira Knightley Topless Photo shoot in Protest to Photoshop

Keira Knightley topless, Keira Knightley unedited pictures, Keira Knightley Interview magazine

Keira Knightley posed topless in the new issue of Interview magazine in protest against Photoshop pictures. Knightley 29, said in an interview that she told the magazine that her topless photos should remain unedited so that it will show readers what she looked like in reality.

"I've had my body manipulated so many different times for so many different reasons, whether it's paparazzi photographers or for film posters. That was one of the ones where I said, OK, I'm fine doing the topless shot so long as you don't make them any bigger or retouch. Because it does feel important to say it really doesn't matter what shape you are."

In 2004, Knightley was in controversy regarding a Photoshopped movie poster for "King Arthur". In 2006, she was again a subject in a Photoshopped photo with Scarlett Johansson and Tom Ford that was printed on Vanity Fair.