Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Doctors see face in testicle

Canadian doctors were shocked to see a man's face staring back at them when they performed an ultrasound of a testicle tumour.

"It was almost like art coming out of this patient's testicles," said Dr. Naji Touma, an assistant professor of urology at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont. "It was an amusing finding."

G. Gregory Roberts and Naji J. Touma from Ontario's Queen's University discovered the image of a man with a pained expression on his face while scanning the inflamed testicles of a 45-year-old patient.

"A brief debate ensued on whether the image could have been a sign from a deity (Min the Egyptian god of male virility); however, the consensus deemed it a mere coincidental occurrence rather than a divine proclamation."

The 45-year-old had the testicle removed with no complications. Fortunately for the patient the tumour turned out to be benign.

Photograph by: Handout, Queen's University

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