Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Don't Give Your Baby Breast Milk Bought Online It May Harm Them

Baby Breast Milk, milk, baby milk

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According to an investigation by Inside Edition, breast milk that are available online that come from strangers are not safe, it may contain bacteria that can harm your baby. They purchased breast milk online from 8 different mothers and have them sent to a lab for testing by breast milk expert Dr. David Newburg. The results were shocking. Dr. Newburg said that 7 of the 8 breast milk purchased online are not suitable for infants. He said that 87% of the samples contained potentially dangerous bacteria. Gram negative bacteria that can cause infection was found in 4 samples of the breast milk tested. These bacteria that we found could very well make infants sick according to Dr. Newburg.

Since there is high demand in breast milk and it pays really well more mothers are selling them online and most of them don't follow any sanitary guidelines in handling those milk.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends mothers who want to purchase good and clean breast milk to go to milk bank where the milk is pasteurized to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria. This will ensure that the breast milk they buy are safe for their babies.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

How to Strengthen Your Hips

Too much sitting in the office or too much carrying of heavy loads can take a toll on our hips. Here are three hip exercise that strengthen your hips:

Strengthen Your Hips, hips exercise
- In a standing position set your feet hip-width apart. Just like the picture above try to imitate a riding position by tipping your upper body forward and moving your arms into right angles just like they are on a handlebars. Bend your right leg a little and shift your weight into the leg.

Lift your left foot off the floor and lift your knee up. Now extend the left leg back as if you are propelling yourself forward on a scooter.

Perform 3-5 strides, 8x on each leg.

Strengthen Your Hips, hips exercise
- You will need a mat for this one, while lying on the mat shift on to your side. Stack one foot on top of the other and lift up on to your left forearm just like the picture above.

The elbow should be directly under your shoulder and forearm, perpendicular to the body.
Ensure your body is positioned in a straight line from feet to head. Sweep your right arm up by your ear.

Hold for 30-60sec on each side.

Strengthen Your Hips, hips exercise
- Start on all fours position then step your right leg up between your hands and lift the upper body.

Tuck your bottom in and slowly slide forward into the lunge. Stop when you feel the stretch where the top of the leg joins the front of the hip.

This is also an effective stretch for the upper thigh or quads.

Hold for 30-60sec on each leg.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Man Posted a Video While Urinating in Kellogg's Factory Cereal Conveyor Belt

man urinates Kellogg factory, Man pee at Kellogg's factory

A man posted a Video while he urinates on the cereal conveyor belt of a Kellogg's factory. The very graphic video which is posted online shows a man who appears to be black urinating on an assembly line that is used to make Kellogg products Rice Krispies Treats and granola clusters.

The company said that they have already alerted law enforcement about the said video and criminal investigation is now underway, as well as a "thorough internal investigation."

The video was recorded at its Memphis, Tenn., facility, in 2014, so any products that could have been affected would now be expired or worst consumed. Potentially affected products include Rice Krispies Treats, granola clusters used in some .

Kellogg North American President posted an apology to customers on the company's website.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

McDonald’s Test To Improve All-day Breakfast with Bigger Menu

McDonald’s all day breakfast

The McDonald’s All Day Breakfast with expanded menu is currently being tested in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as Triad, North Carolina.

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast was launched in October but it only serves limited breakfast items depending on the localation All Day Breakfast offers either a McMuffin or biscuit menu available all-day long not both.

Due to popular demand, McDonald’s is now testing serving the entire breakfast menu all day at a few locations. They are now offering McGriddles, English muffins, and biscuits all day in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as Triad, North Carolina. This offer is called "All Day Breakfast: Bigger Menu."

McDonald's All-day breakfast that they have launched recently helped boost their sales, with a 5.7% uptick in US same-store sales in the fourth quarter. While consumers have reacted positively, the top customer's complaint has been that the menu is too limited.

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