Sunday, February 5, 2012

6 Mini Meals or 3 Squares?

I just read the article "Which Will Help Me Slim Down—6 Mini Meals or 3 Squares?" by Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D.

Experts say it's best to eat mini meals every few hours. Eating frequently may help curb appetite and stabilize blood sugar-preventing the dips that leave you feeling hungry-which makes slimming down more doable.

But recent research, published in the journal Obesity, suggests that grazing on multiple mini meals won't promote weight loss any more than sticking to three squares. When overweight or obese dieters spread a very-low-calorie diet over six meals, their appetite and hunger were no different than when they ate the same diet in three daily meals.

She stated that how much you eat is more important than how often you eat. If eating more often causes you to overeat-say multiple meals turn into all-day grazing-try eating fewer meals. But if you're a three-meal-a-day person who gorges each time you sit down because you're so famished, adding in a snack or two, even three, might help.

Whatever you choose, including fiber-fruits, vegetables and whole grains-and lean protein in your meals and snacks is essential when you're dieting, as both nutrients provide staying power to keep you feeling full until you eat next.



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