Wednesday, December 18, 2013

E-cigarettes anyone?

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You can see people vaping in malls, in restaurant, in your office, almost everywhere. E-cigarettes has become ubiqutous. E-cigarettes is now a booming $1.7 billion market. However, for non-smokers it has become annoying. Since companies that sell it are telling people that you can use them in places where conventional cigarettes are banned. Which is why New York City is now considering banning e-cigarettes in bars, malls, restaurants, and parks which I think is right since if you are a non-smoker you don't want to enhalte second hand smoke even if it's from e-cigarettes.

Experts are saying that smokers who switch to e-cigarettes can prolong his life, since e-cigarettes are just as effective as nicotine patches in helping people kick the habit according to a report on Lancet

The researchers even said that E-cigarettes are more effective than patches since smokers generally prefer them.

For me, I think we still need more research on the health hazards of E-cigarettes since it's a relatively new product and studies are still limited.


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