Friday, March 21, 2014

Expert Said Drinking Water Don't Help Weight loss

Drinking Water Don't Help Weight loss, weight loss, water
A professor from University of Alabama in Birmingham said that drinking water is not the  “magic bullet” for losing weight.

Beth Kitchin, Ph.D., R.D., assistant professor of nutrition sciences said that “There's a very little evidence that drinking water can bolster weight loss; it is one of those self-perpetuating myths.” However, she did not claim that drinking water is not good for you, but there are not enough study that show people who drank water burned calories as a result.

The recommended drinking 250ml glasses of water per day is also a myth.

“Yes, people do need to get fluids; but it does not have to be water,” Kitchin said. “There’s no evidence that it melts away fat or makes you feel fuller, so if you don’t like water it’s OK.”

She also said that water remains the best way to keep hydrated, however, you can also get your fluid from other flovered beverages like juice, tea, coffee or colas.

“People think coffee doesn’t count, but actually it does,” she said. “When you drink coffee, your body is retaining much of that fluid especially for people who are habituated to drinking caffeine, as the body adapts, resulting in a reduced loss of fluids.”

Drinking cold water burn more calories because the body will work double time to raise its temparature is also a myth.

"You will hear that ice-cold water helps burn extra calories." "While there may be a few extra calories lost, it won’t be nearly enough to make a dent in your weight-loss endeavors."

If you want to lose weight, she recommends a long-running, research-based weight management programme like EatRight by UAB or Volumetrics.

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