Wednesday, December 10, 2014

McDonald's McNugget Ingredients

McDonald's McNugget, chicken McNugget, chicken, McDonalds

So it's not the gooey pink slime after all... McDonald’s released a video on how McNuggets are made and its ingredients. The video shows how McNuggets are made in Tyson plant located in Tennessee, they revealed what is really behind this world famous golden brown deep-fried chicken goodness.
McDonald's McNugget, chicken McNugget, chicken, McDonalds
They debunk the notion that McDonald's McNugget are made from pink slime, and they said that there are no bones, beaks or feet in their McNuggets. The meat comes from chicken breasts, thighs and other parts of the chicken that people do eat.

McDonald's McNugget Ingredients:

Chicken Meat

Marinade Ingredients:

Adds moisture 
- Water
- Sodium Phosphates
- Food Starch-modified

Enhance Flavor
- Salt
- Natural Flavoring
- Wheat Starch
- Dextrose
- Citric Acid
- Autolyzed yeast extract

Preserves freshness
- Rosemary Extract
- Safflower Oil

Check the video below:

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