Saturday, May 9, 2015

Girl Doesn't Age Like a Vampire

Girl Doesn't Age, forever young, Layla Qualls, Syndrome X

A girl from Oklahoma has a syndrome that slows her aging process. If you look at Layla Qualls, she looks like a 10 month old baby girl but in reality she is now 3 years old. She has was diagnosed with Syndrome X, a sickness that slows down the aging process.

University of California Los Angeles has done an extensive study on the girl, there are only 7 children in the world that has Syndrome X which is an extremely rare condition.

Researches want to find out the genetic blueprint of this syndrome, how the genes are slowing down the aging process. The study found out that the blood of children with Syndrome X does not look younger than that of a normal child. They want to know the footprint of the mechanism that could explain that condition.

Layla is a 2nd child of Felicia and Jesse Qualls, her parents said that she would not eat when she was born and was not able to gain weight. When she turned 3 years old last May 3, she just weigh 19 pounds.

The researchers will be doing genetic study on the Syndrome X children, maybe they hope to replicate it some way and invent a medicine that slow the aging process. Think of the money they can make with all the vain people in Hollywood. - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

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