Friday, August 26, 2016

Bubble Soccer or Bubble Football Anyone?

bubbleball, Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football

bubbleball, Bubble Soccer, Bubble Football

Bubble Soccer or otherwise known as bubble football or bumper football is becoming more and more popular with many people around the world taking it up. This game started in Norway which was invented by comedians Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden back in 2011. The game is played with players wearing inflatable bubbles similar to a zorb try to score points while crashing into one another. It is usually played in a gym or in a soccer field. The players bump to each other, bounce and roll. It's a great exercise that is very energetic and highly entertaining. It is said to be more fun than soccer, safer than football, cheaper than hockey, and bouncier than basketball.

Bubble soccer is safe and fun, it can be played by anyone over the age of 10. It is often played in corporate team building, stag parties, bachelor parties, and birthdays. The game is played with two teams against each other that is composed of 5 to 8 players on each team. It is divided in four 8 minutes quarters that is separated by 3 minutes break after each quarter. The standard soccer rules apply however players are allowed to full contact since they are protected by the bubble and it's more fun to see them bump to each other.

It may seem like a funny game that doesn't require much effort, but those bubbles are heavy, it weighs about 15 pounds. Players needs to constantly shuffle around the field, balance and control the bubble ball. There are also reported minor injuries playing the game most are twisted ankles and sore necks. No serious injuries have been reported playing the game.

Bubble soccer is a growing sport in the United States, it has already its own league which is sanctioned by the National Association of Bubble Soccer. The NABS is active in 40 metros across the country. It has been featured in major news networks and TV shows like FoxNews, Good Morning America, Univision, The Today Show, Sports Illustrated, and Buzzfeed. Bubbleballs also appeared on season 7 of Shark Tank.

The game was also featured on the "The Tonight Show", Jimmy Fallon played bubble soccer with Colin Farrell, Chris Pratt and Frank Knuckles on the 6th floor just outside the elevators.

The inflatable ball suit is made from PVC plastic that is non -toxic, colorless, transparent and tasteless. The top and bottom of the bubbleball has openings to allow players easy breathing during gameplay.

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Bubble Football, Bubble Soccer, bubbleball

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