Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Study to Cure Baldness

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A new study shows that it is possible to grow new hair follicles from human skin cells that may cure baldness for both men and women.

Laboratories encountered a lot of difficulties in replicating human hair follicles. But using a new technique shows that it can trigger hair growth in skin tissues.

As an alternative to just transplanting hair follicles from one surface to another which is the norm in hair transplants, the skin tissue of the patient will be used to produce essentially large quantities of follicles for hair-transplant operations, study said.

The researchers believes that the study is a "milestone advance" in stimulating hair growth in people suffering from hair loss.

"This approach has the potential to transform the medical treatment of hair loss," Angela Christiano said. Angela Christiano is a Professor at the Columbia University in New York. She is one of the lead authors of the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"Current hair-loss medications tend to slow the loss of hair follicles or potentially stimulate the growth of existing hairs, but they do not create new hair follicles. Neither do conventional hair transplants, which relocate a set number of hairs from the back of the scalp to the front. Our method, in contrast, has the potential to actually grow new follicles using a patient's own cells. This could greatly expand the utility of hair-restoration surgery to women and to younger patients - now it is largely restricted to the treatment of male-pattern baldness in patients with stable disease," she added.

The treatment could make hair transplantation available to people with a small number of follicles, which includes patients with female-pattern hair loss, scarring alopecia and hair loss due to burns.

The new study results were published here.

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  1. Wow.... but are you sure this new technique is effective on hair loss problem. Because I have already try lots other treatment on hair loss problem.