Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Will the new "Satisfries" from Burger King Satisfries you?

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Burger King introduces it's new Diet fries they call "Satisfries" that they claim are 20% healthier and with the same taste as regular fries.

The company said that the newly-designed batter means the potato will absorb less oil. The "Diet" fries are being introduced to the menu at Burger King to attract more health-conscious customers.

The new Burger King "Satisfries" have 20% less calories than regular fries. The small portion of a regular Burger King fries have 320 calories the "Satisfries" have only 270 calories in it.

The company also claims that their diet fries have about 40% less fat and 30% less calories than fries sold by McDonald's.

The "Satisfries" are crinkle-cut so that staff can tell the difference when serving them.

The suggested price for a small order of "Satisfries" is $1.89, while the regular fries cost $1.59.

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