Sunday, April 13, 2014

Don't Have Enough Time to Work-out? Then Why not Do it for just 30 min a Week

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Do you work from 9-5, and have lots of things to do after work like taking care of your kids,  meaning you don't have time to exercise on a regular basis. What if I told you that you can do it for just 30 minutes a week?

Researchers found out that a 10-minute exercise 3 times a week can make you fit. Now you have no excuse not to work-out. They found out that working for long hours is not what matters most but how you exercise. You need to push yourself to your limits for you to succeed. It is called High Intensity Training (HIT), you need to exert all your efforts in short bursts that lasts for only a few minutes but can give you a lot of benefits like weight loss and toned muscles.

University of Ontario researchers study 10 men and 10 women and divide the into half to perform High Intensity Training (HIT) which is 6 bursts of 30-second sprints and the other half to do the hour-long runs three times a week for six weeks. The results was outstanding, the people who performed HIT lose twice as much weight as the others who are doing the regular long-hours workout. The lost an 12.4% of their fat mass for just a little time.

So how do you do High Intensity Training (HIT)? The ideal set-up is three times a week that includes walking, running, and cycling for 10 minutes. Combined that with squats and lunges that concentrates on large muscle groups. This will give you metabolism-boosting effect that will burn significant amouth of calories. It will also induce catecholamines and growth hormone in the blood that will hasten the loss of fatty tissues.

Here are Great High Intensity Training (HIT) that you can follow:

40 seconds hard exercise - you will need to push your limit for two brief 20-second bursts. You can do cycling, sprinting, or swimming. If you choose cycling, you can do it indoors using a stationary bike just increase the intensity or if you prefer outdoors do it up-hill.

- start out normally for a few minutes then when you are ready go in full speed with all your might for 20 seconds.
- Slow down to recover for a few minutes then speed up again in full for another 20 seconds. All in all it will only cost you about 10 minutes to do this exercise. Do it three times a week and you will see results.


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