Saturday, January 10, 2015

Massachusetts Woman Gave Birth Didn't Know She was Pregnant

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Katherine Kropas 23, of Weymouth, Massachusetts gave birth to a healthy 10-pound baby girl at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth. She didn't know that she was pregnant, she delivered the baby Tuesday evening an hour after her doctors told her that she was pregnant.

She went to South Shore Hospital to have doctors look at her worsening back pain. Doctors could not trace the source of the pain, until they had her undergo an ultrasound test and found out she was carrying a baby in her womb.

The unprepared and clearly surprised mother was immediately rushed to the delivery room and gave birth at 11:06 pm Tuesday. She learned that she was pregnant at 10:15 PM. Kropas said that she didn't had any signs of pregnancy like morning sickness, but she had a swollen feet over the past nine months which she thought was the result of standing too much since she works as a caterer. She also said that she and her boyfriend always use birth control and her cycle didn't change.

She named her 10 lbs. baby girl Ellie.

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