Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pope Francis Visit to Haiyan Victim Tacloban cut short because of Typhoon

Haiyan, Tacloban, Pope Francis, Philippines

Pope Francis visited the typhoon-ravage central Philippine city of Tacloban early Saturday January 17, 2015 but it was cut short due to an impending typhoon that is threatening the province.

In the main cathedral in Palo, Leyte he told the people, that he has a sad news and he will be leaving at 1 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. "I am sad about this, truly saddened, because I had something prepared especially for you."

Pope Francis received a gift from the church which is an image of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception made from the debris from the church which was torn by Haiyan.

The incoming Tropical Storm named Mekkhala has 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour winds, the storm suspended ferry services to Leyte and stranded thousands of travelers including some who wanted to see the pope.

Government officials estimated the crowd at 150,000 before the pope's arrival and said there were thousands more outside the airport.
Haiyan, Tacloban, Pope Francis, Philippines
After the mass according to a local news report a scaffolding near the stage collapsed killing a woman and a plane with government officials inside overshot the runway at Tacloban airport shortly after the Pope left.

The Pope will held a Sunday Mass at Manila's Rizal Park which is expected to draw 6 million worshipers.

In the U.S. an unknown host rips the pope saying “I was starting to really like this Pope." “He’s dead to me now. Oh yeah, f*ck the Pope. Look, George Bush said it: you’re either with us or against us. Apparently the Pope is not with us.” He was reacting to the Pope statements on criticism of religion.

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