Wednesday, March 9, 2016

McDonald’s Test To Improve All-day Breakfast with Bigger Menu

McDonald’s all day breakfast

The McDonald’s All Day Breakfast with expanded menu is currently being tested in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as Triad, North Carolina.

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast was launched in October but it only serves limited breakfast items depending on the localation All Day Breakfast offers either a McMuffin or biscuit menu available all-day long not both.

Due to popular demand, McDonald’s is now testing serving the entire breakfast menu all day at a few locations. They are now offering McGriddles, English muffins, and biscuits all day in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as Triad, North Carolina. This offer is called "All Day Breakfast: Bigger Menu."

McDonald's All-day breakfast that they have launched recently helped boost their sales, with a 5.7% uptick in US same-store sales in the fourth quarter. While consumers have reacted positively, the top customer's complaint has been that the menu is too limited.

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