Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Don't Give Your Baby Breast Milk Bought Online It May Harm Them

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According to an investigation by Inside Edition, breast milk that are available online that come from strangers are not safe, it may contain bacteria that can harm your baby. They purchased breast milk online from 8 different mothers and have them sent to a lab for testing by breast milk expert Dr. David Newburg. The results were shocking. Dr. Newburg said that 7 of the 8 breast milk purchased online are not suitable for infants. He said that 87% of the samples contained potentially dangerous bacteria. Gram negative bacteria that can cause infection was found in 4 samples of the breast milk tested. These bacteria that we found could very well make infants sick according to Dr. Newburg.

Since there is high demand in breast milk and it pays really well more mothers are selling them online and most of them don't follow any sanitary guidelines in handling those milk.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends mothers who want to purchase good and clean breast milk to go to milk bank where the milk is pasteurized to get rid of potentially harmful bacteria. This will ensure that the breast milk they buy are safe for their babies.

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